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Ahmed suffers from heavy epilepsy

Ahmed suffers from heavy epilepsy and has been recognized as handicapped person by the National Insurance. From one day to the other the insurance cancels the disability benefit, which Ahmed receives. The Society of St. Yves objects to the cancellation and manages to make the life for the whole family easier.

M came to St. Yves after the cancellation of the disability pension of her 10-year old son Ahmed and asked for help. Ahmed suffers from serious epilepsy and has been recognized as handicapped person by the National Insurance Institute (NII). This included the payment of a disability benefit (which has to be renewed by the NII every year - after it has been documented that the health condition of the child has not improved). Related to it is the financing of a teacher for the special support of Ahmed in school as well as all necessary expenses for his treatment. From one day to the other the NII stopped the financial support, even though the medical condition of the boy had not changed. Medical reports proof that he had three serious seizures and several smaller ones in recent years, some of them happening during crucial situations like crossing busy streets. It is proven that he is in need of 24-hours care.

After the payment was stopped, the mother objected in two instances in front of the medical commissions of the NII. In both cases her appeals were rejected. Both times the medical reports were ignored. Furthermore the objections had to be made in Hebrew, although the mother is hardly capable to speak it. It was not possible for her to advocate for her son in an appropriate way.

When M came to St. Yves, the lawyers decided to go to court with the case, trying to proof that the commission’s decision was not legally solid. The commission was not acting according to the law with ignoring the medical report of a well-reputed neurologist, who stated the severity of the boy’s illness and recommended that he has to be under permanent supervision. Furthermore the fact had been ignored that M – who was at that time pregnant –was facing three doctors to discuss the condition of her son and doesn’t know Hebrew. St. Yves won in the first instance and the court ruled that the case had to be presented a third time in front of the medical commission of the NII.

This time a lawyer of St. Yves advocated Ahmed’s case in front of the medical board. St. Yves decided to present all arguments – legal or not – to succeed. The medical report was presented, M’s health condition at the time of the first two hearings, the fact that she couldn’t advocate her son because of the lack of language skills, as well as the physical and mental problems Ahmed would face in school, if the support would be cut down.

A few weeks later M called St. Yves to tell, that the money from the NII was on her bank account. It turned out, that the NII paid the full amount of money including the period during which the support was interrupted. This was exactly what St. Yves had demanded. Furthermore, the status of Ahmad was granted as a handicapped child with all related benefits for another two years – beside the fact that usually this status has to be renewed yearly. In a second step St. Yves managed to achieve another benefit: a school shuttle that picks Ahmed up at home and brings him back after school.

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