Child Registration
The legal framework

If the new born child of a mixed couple (spouses with permanent residency from Israel married to someone with a West Bank or foreign ID) is born in Jerusalem, it doesn’t get automatically an ID-number. The parents have to apply for child registration at the Ministry of the Interior, proving that they actually reside in Israel. If the parents cannot prove that they have been resident for the previous two years, their application will be rejected. They will be able to re-apply upon proving two years of continuous residency. Hence, these children have no access to healthcare or education as long as the child registration process has not ended.

If the child is born and registered in the Palestinian Territories, the case is handled like a child who is born abroad. The ‘Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law’ comes into play and in actual fact a family unification case is set up. Since 2003 all cases of family unification are more than difficult.

The law specifies that if the child is beneath the age of 14 years, the Minister of the Interior has the discretion to grant him residency in Israel in order to be with his parent who is legally living in Israel. This permit is always valid for two years and entitling the child to all benefits and rights equal to citizens.

If the child is above the age of 14 years, the Minister of the Interior has the right to approve an application for the granting of a permit by the Military commander for the child to be able to stay with his parent who is legally residing in Israel providing that the child is residing permanently in Israel. This permit is always valid for six months and does not include any social benefits.

It is to mention that it is unclear what happens to these children when they reach the age of 18, as there is no precedent till now.

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