Family Unification
Compel the Ministry of the Interior

The Society of St. Yves efforts to compel the Ministry of the Interior to consider and approve M’s application for family unification has ended successfully after years of postponement and ignoring. During these years M’s husband A was virtually housebound for fear of being discovered and deported. He had no access to freedom of movement and was prevented from making a living contributing to the support of his family. Indeed the couple’s right to marry and raise a family was prevented and denied so long as A had no official status or permit to live with his wife in East Jerusalem.

M, a permanent resident of Jerusalem married A, a Portuguese Citizen on the 14th of May 2005. From the time of their marriage the couple has resided continuously in East Jerusalem

M applied for a family unification to the Ministry of Interior on the 28th of August 2005. In the following months she turned to the Ministry many times only to be summarily told that her request was under examination and no decision had yet been made.

During these many months of bureaucratic foot dragging and indecision M’s husband A lived virtually as a prisoner in his home for fear that if discovered without a permit to reside in Jerusalem he would face immediate deportation. He was thus prevented from working and contributing to the support of his family and in fact the couple refrained from starting a family because of the uncertainty of their ability to continue to live together in the same town.

On October 2007 the Society took the case and wrote to the Ministry of the Interior and threatened to Petition the Administrative Court over the delays and foot dragging by the Ministry. The Ministry responded and asked M to attend its offices and present further documentation. Thereafter followed a further period of months of inaction and unresponsiveness by the Ministry which compelled the Society to again threaten to Petition the Court this resulted on the 19th of August 2008 in the request for family unification to be approved and granted more than three years after the initial request was lodged with the Ministry.

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