Statement by St. Yves on Building the Annexation Wall in Cremisan


The Society of St. Yves – Catholic Center for Human Rights condemns in the strongest terms the uprooting of hundreds of olive trees and bulldozing lands in Beir Onah by the Israeli army, as it begins the building of the annexation wall in Cremisan, without any regard to the rights of the 58 Palestinian Christian families who will lose their lands as a result of the construction of the annexation wall in the area.



This recent operation by the Israeli army in Beir Onah is a grave violation to the most basic rights of these oppressed families, who are losing not only their agricultural lands, but also their sources of livelihoods, which might cause them to immigrate from their homeland. St. Yves stands in full solidarity with their rights and stresses that the Israeli insistence on building the annexation wall in Cremisan and confiscating more privately owned Palestinian land cannot serve peace or moderation.


As land owners need to be assured they are not alone in this struggle, St. Yves earnestly appeals to the international community and political leaders to take positive action in Cremisan to protect the families and their lands, and pressure Israel to halt this unjust action of constructing the annexation wall in the area.



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