St. Yves Highlights the Gravity of the Israeli Collective Punishment Measures Against Palestinians in the UN Human Rights Council’s 34th Session

St. Yves’ took part in advocacy activities between the 16th and the 20th of March, along with other partner Palestinian organizations (Community Action Center, Badil, Al-Quds Human Rights Clinic, Al-Haq and the Civic Coalition for Palestinian Rights in Jerusalem), including participating in side events, meetings with state representatives and joint statements delivered under item (7): situation in the occupied Palestinian territories.


On March 17th, St. Yves participated in a side event entitled “Collective Punishment in Jerusalem”, giving a presentation on  the legal and political frameworks that govern Jerusalem and addressing the main features of collective punishment measures in East-Jerusalem; punitive  house demolition, punitive residency revocations, punitive restrictions on the freedom of movement, in addition to other forms of punitive harassments (body searches, detentions, fines…),  highlighting the punitive and discriminatory aspects of such measures, aiming to terrorize Palestinians in East Jerusalem, and eventually forcibly transferring Palestinians from their land The side event also included a legal analysis of the illegality of collective punishment under international law and how it constitutes a grave violation of international humanitarian law.  


The Human Rights Council concluded its 34th session by adopting with great majority four resolutions on Palestine: settlements in the oPt including East Jerusalem, Right to self-determination for the Palestinian people, situation of human rights in the oPt including East Jerusalem, and accountability for violation of international law in the oPT including East Jerusalem.




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