St. Yves Participates in a Summer Camp for People with Disabilities



The Society of St. Yves – Catholic Center for Human Rights took part in a summer camp for people with disabilities this Friday 5th of May organized by the Arab Society for the physically disabled in Tiberias.

St. Yves gave three awareness raising sessions led by the advocacy department, the beneficiary intake department and the legal department. The first session concentrated on strengthening and developing individual capacities of people with disabilities (PWDs), the second session focused on  the rights of PWDs, specifically on the subject of vocational training, and the last session shed light on the rights of PWDs in regards to accessibility and the integration of PWDs at work.


Each session was followed by discussions and Q&As, in order to better understand the day to day difficulties that each participant faces and the legal assistance that St. Yves could provide.

It is noteworthy that St. Yves and the Arab Society for the physically disabled will soon sign a memorandum of understanding under the “improving lives of people with disabilities in East Jerusalem” project to ensure fruitful and long term cooperation in the field.

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