Jerusalem Residency
Roots of the residency problem in Jerusalem

Following the war in 1967, Israel illegally annexed East Jerusalem as well as a number of villages surrounding it, which previously were under Jordanian rule, applying its rule and law over the land.

However, the Palestinian population of East Jerusalem was not fully annexed and was instead granted the status of permanent residents rather than citizens of the state of Israel. A status which can be lost over staying abroad over 7 years, obtaining a foreign residency or citizenship.

The Palestinians living in East Jerusalem continued to be Jordanian Citizens until the year 1988 when the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan broke off all legal and administrative ties with the West Bank including East Jerusalem. Severing more their stateless status.

As a result the Palestinian Jerusalemites became stateless, and continue to be so until this present day. Therefore the Palestinian population of the city has been facing a serious legal problem that continuously endangers their status and the status of their children.

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