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It has always been the mission of the Society to be community lawyers rooted in and available to the local communities.

Many of the people do not require a file being opened and some matters can be dealt with summarily or at least in the space of a few days or a few weeks.
Most of these summary matters are services provided to the poor who would otherwise have to pay quite high fees to lawyers in the open market and involve the drawing up and witnessing by a lawyer of a Statutory Declaration or an Affidavit in order to further progress a matter through one of the Ministries or departments of the Municipality or the National Insurance Institute.

Many of these recorded services involve telephone consultations with clients in order to clarify a right or to describe the array of documents that would need to be produced in order to advance a matter or claim. Some are consultations with respect to client rights to benefits through the National Insurance Institute and guidance on how to claim those rights.

In at least half of the cases the services can be completed satisfactorily within the space of an hour. Therefore, the Society of St. Yves handles about 700 cases a year, but helps about 2,000 people with services like mentioned above.

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