Awareness Raising
Awareness of human and civil rights

The Society of St. Yves considers the raising of awareness of human and civil rights within the society of the Holy Land as an important column of its work. Therefore, Society lawyers hold seminars for the local community in community centres, villages and universities in an endeavour to inform the people about their rights.

In the last years the Society extended these talks to include the graduating classes of local High Schools so as to give a basic preparation to graduating students of the world that they would be facing outside of the class room. Areas covered were employment rights and travelling in and out of the West Bank should a person choose to study in Bethlehem or in Beir Zeit of other higher education institutions in the Northern or Southern West Bank. In Jerusalem the topics included practical information related to the National Insurance and the Ministry of Interior.

The seminar presentations of ‘Know your Rights’ have been very successful not only as a community education outreach but also as a forum where many – mainly – women feel secure and comfortable enough to disclose some of the problems that face their own family.

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