Child Registration
Registering Children

According to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which was ratified by Israel in 1991, a child has the right to be registered directly after birth and is entitled to health care as well as education.

New born children of couples, where both spouses hold the permanent residency, usually receive their ID number directly at the hospital. The child is afterwards automatically registered in the population registry in Israel. After this first registration the parents apply within fourteen days at the Ministry of Interior to record the new born child in their identity cards. Here is to mention that in the recent past more and more cases came up, where also parents who have both the Jerusalem IDs face problems to register their children.

But mixed couples, meaning spouses from East Jerusalem and the West Bank, are frequent. Besides problems with obtaining Jerusalem residency rights, these couples also face the difficulty that once they have children, they are not automatically registered in the population registry -even if they are born in a Jerusalem hospital. Especially if the mother is the holder of the Jerusalem residency the family faces huge problems to register their children.

This means for the child that it does actually not exist. Thousands of children in Jerusalem and Israel are deprived from their ID cards and have no access to social benefits like health insurance or sometimes even school education. Also the authorities from the West Bank deny registering the children in avoidance of hindering their access to the Jerusalem residency which actually is entitled to them.

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