St. Yves Participates in an Agriculture Volunteering Activity in Solidarity with Jub Al Dhib ‎School ‎

  • Date: 2018-04-02

The Society of St. Yves- Catholic Center for Human Rights, represented by members of its staff, and in cooperation with ‎the Colonization and Wall Commission, participated in a volunteer activity at the Jub Al-Dhib school on Thursday, March 27, 2018 which was demolished in August 2017. A team of volunteers and employees planted olive trees ‎around the newly rebuilt school, in solidarity with teachers and students to encourage the steadfastness of the school in facing Israeli demolition policies.‎

The Israeli occupation forces demolished the school in August 2017, under the pretext  of “lacking ‎construction permits”. It is noteworthy that  in area (C), where Israel retains exclusive control, more than 99% of the Palestinian building ‎permit applications are denied, in line to Israel’s policy of arbitrary restrictions on the growth of Palestinians, leading to their forcible transfer and   allowing further expansion of Israel’s illegal settlements in these areas.‎