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Article 1

The Society of St. Yves (hereinafter: The Society) is a foundation erected by decree of the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem (hereinafter: the Patriarch) as a public juridical person in the Church according to Canon Law. The Preamble forms an integral part of the Statutes.

Article 2
The Aim of the Society

The aim of the Society is to promote justice through:

  1. providing legal services to the poor and needy in the Holy Land
  2. advocacy and awareness in human and civil rights.

Article 3
The Patriarch

The Patriarch:

  1. nominates the Board of directors of which he is the Chairman ex officio. He can also revoke the appointment of any member before the end of the term if needed.
  2. approves the statutes of the Society and any further changes, proposed by the Board of directors.
  3. ratifies and approves the decisions of the Board. 4. appoints the vice-Chairman who also represents him in his absence. 5. appoints the director of the Society (cf. 6:1)

Article 4
The Board of Directors

  1. The Board of Directors (hereinafter: the Board) is appointed by the Patriarch for a 3-year term, renewable. There shall be no less than 7 members of the Board including the Chairman and not more than 11.
  2. The Board has authority to: i. orient the policy of the Society ii. discuss and approve the action plan and legal strategy of the Society iii. recommend to the Patriarch the name of the director. iv. examine and approve the financial reports and the annual budget. v. fix the salary scales of the employees. vi. nominate the Auditor.
  3. The Board meets at least twice a year. The Chairman may convene the Board as deemed necessary.
  4. The legal quorum for holding a Board meeting is the simple majority (half+1).
  5. The decisions of the Board are passed by a simple majority vote. The Patriarch or his representative has a casting vote in case there is no majority.
  6. The secretary of the Board prepares ahead the meeting of the Board, makes the minutes and keeps a protocol of all its decisions.

Article 5
The Executive Committee

  1. The Board elects from among its members an Executive Committee to implement the policy of the Society and oversee its financial management.
  2. The Executive Committee is composed of the vice-Chairman, the treasurer, the secretary of the Board, and the director of the Society.
  3. The director is accountable to the Executive Committee for the administrative, legal and fundraising activities.
  4. The Executive Committee meets once a month and sends the minutes to all the members of the Board.
  5. The Executive Committee approves recruiting and dismissal of the staff.
  6. The decisions of The Executive Committee are passed by a simple majority. In case of a split vote the decision is left to the vice-Chairman.

Article 6
The Director

The Director of the Society

  1. is appointed by the Patriarch after consultation with the Board for a period of three years renewable. The terms and conditions of the Director's employment are to be determined by contract.
  2. is accountable before the Board of the administration and the legal team.
  3. is responsible for the fundraising and the daily administration of the Society and of the personnel.
  4. prepares an annual plan of action and the annual budget for approval by the Board.
  5. prepares the meetings of the Executive Committee and of the Board in coordination with the secretary.
  6. prepares the yearly progress and financial reports according to the directions approved by the Board.
  7. attends the Board meetings except in those dealing with the Director’s employment or work performance.

Article 7
The legal team

  1. The legal team consists of the lawyers and paralegal staff of the Society.
  2. The legal team plans, under the direction of the Legal Director, the short and long-term legal strategies of the Society.
  3. The legal team determines the number of files it accepts in consultation with the director.

Article 8
Financial provisions

  1. As a non-profit organization, the Society will offer its services free of charge for the poor.
  2. The Society can ask for appropriate retribution to offset its operating costs.
  3. The Treasurer will give a financial account to the Executive Committee on a quarterly basis. A year-end audited report should be prepared by the auditor for examination and approval of the Board.
  4. Donations to the Society will be used in accordance with the aims of the Society, unless specific aims are stipulated by the donors.
  5. Only the Chairman of the Society is responsible to open and close a bank accounts.
  6. The Chairman or the vice-Chairman is one of the two signatories of all financial transactions.
  7. The Treasurer is the second signatory.

Article 9
Compensation and dissolution

  1. The Society has to reserve sufficient funds for the compensation of all its contracted employees. Such funds will be regulated according to local laws.
  2. In the event of dissolution, the Board will disburse any eventual remainder of the reserve funds and material goods such as office equipment, for charitable purposes.

Signed and sealed in Jerusalem this 8th day of June, 2002.
His Beatitude + Michel Sabbah
Fr. Raed Abushala Chancellor.

Signed by His Beatitude and by The Chancellor of the Latin Patriarchate and sealed with the Seal of the Latin Patriarchate.