A Delegation of 11 Bishops from Latin America Visit Cremisan

  • Date: 2018-01-29

The Conference of Catholic Bishops in the United States – Office of International Justice and Peace, represented by 11 bishops from Latin America, visited Cremisan in Beit-Jala, on Friday the 26th  of January 2018, receiving the latest updates on the case and witnessing the drastic damages incurred in the area since constructing the annexation wall.

The Mayor of Beit Jala, Mr. Nicolas Khamis started his visit by welcoming the delegation, stressing the importance of such visits. The Society of St. Yves, represented by Adv. Raffoul Rofa, General Director of St. Yves addressed the legal aspects of the case and its most recent developments in the legal battle that lasted nine years in the Israeli courts.


Mr. Xavier Abu Eid, Adviser to the Negotiations Affairs Department at the PLO, also briefed the delegation on the illegal settlement expansion activities in the area, which is the main reason behind constructing the annexation wall in it and confiscating the privately owned Palestinian lands and resources of these lands.

The briefing was followed by Fr. Hanna Salem’s input on the negative effects of these Israeli policies on Palestinian Christian society in general and how they seriously undermine the freedom of worship


The delegation also visited Beir Onah, where he met a group of Palestinian landowners who lost their lands as a result of constructing the annexation wall, and heard their testimonies on the  damages that the wall caused in their lands. Abu Sa’d family stressed that the final result of the construction of the annexation wall in the area is their total loss of access to their lands and sources of income.

The delegation concluded its visit by praying for peace and strength for families living in such situations of injustice.