Another great legal achievement for St Yves in the field of Health insurance for people with family unification

  • Date: 2021-09-21

After a long legal process since 2016 the Society of St. Yves - Catholic Center for Human Rights  represented by Adv- Nasrat Dakwar was able to succeed in an appeal on a law that discriminates against the Palestinians with family unification fees to get health insurance.

The supreme court has agreed on St. Yves’ appeal and issued new regulations for the Israeli Health Government to amend its regulations in order to equate the first payment imposed on Palestinians with Jerusalem ID versus Palestinians holders of Israeli Passport for spouses with family Unification fees of health insurance.

 Meanwhile, it is worth to mention that the Israeli governments has been stalling on ruling in this matter using many arguments mainly the political situation and the multiple elections when finally was obliged to implement the resolution and amend its regulations.

The amendment will come into effect after 90 days on 20/12/2021, and it includes the following:

  1. Determination of the amount of first payment over the duration of six months only instead of 27 months which will be NIS1710 instead of NIS7695.
  2. People identified with 27 months met after they were granted with family unification and who have debts for the health insurance company will be given a chance to settle their debts for a period of 12 months only (NIS3320) under the terms that:

a – To start paying in the first six months of amendment effectiveness from 20/12/2021 until 20/60/2022.

b- To pay the first payment (NIS1710).

C- To settle the debts after the reduction to minimum (NIS3420).


  1. One can start obtaining health services as soon as the above is settled rather than having a period of six months to start getting health services.
  2. The reduction of the amount to be paid for people who are entitled with income benefits from NIS285 to NIS140 monthly.