Conference: The Impacts of Collective Punishment Measures on Palestinian Women in Occupied East Jerusalem

  • Date: 2017-02-09

Six Palestinian civil society organizations: St. Yves – Catholic Center for Human Rights, CAC- Al-Quds University, JLAC, Al-Haq, BADIL and the Civic Coalition) held a briefing session yesterday February 8th on the impacts of collective punishment measures on Palestinian women in occupied East Jerusalem. The briefing was attended by a number of diplomatic missions, civil society, UN and international organizations and local activist women.

The 6 organizations hosting the event addressed the current collective punishment procedures that are being practiced by Israel against Palestinians in Jerusalem, such as punitive residency revocations, punitive house demolitions and sealings, punitive restrictions on the freedom of movement, among other forms of harassment (arrests, body checks, fines..). The briefing started with a historical context on Jerusalem and residency rights for Palestinians, as stand out discriminatory Israeli policies and as punitive measures as well, then provided a legal analysis on collective punishment under international law, stressing the illegality and the gravity of collective punishment under international humanitarian law.

The organization highlighted the cases of families such as Abu Jamal family, Dweiat family and Qunbar family, whom 12 members are at risk of having their residencies revoked as a punitive measure. The families gave their testimonies of their daily suffering from punitive measures on all family members.The briefing was concluded by a set of recommendations, which mainly focus on third State obligations, demanding the international community and the different state representatives to pressure the Israeli authorities to immediately stop practicing punitive and discriminatory measures that are being used against Palestinians, aiming at terrorizing them and forcibly transferring them from their city.