Diplomatic briefing to diplomates in an attempt to save Khashem Al Karem School from demolition

  • Date: 2023-01-25

On 25th of January, Staff members at the Society of Saint Yves briefed diplomatic missions about the case of Khashem Al-Karem School, legal intervention to save the school was unsuccessful especially with the new discriminatory military orders and the increase of policy restrictions directed to ease the forcible transfer of Palestinians from the occupied West Bank especially Area C.

With less 3 days remaining until the Israeli occupying authorities can demolish the school: Urgent Diplomatic intervention is required, at a level commensurate with the gravity of the violation:

• Stop the demolition of the threatened school of Khashem al-Karem and to guarantee Palestinians right to education.

• Increase advocacy efforts and issue public statements for an immediate end to school demolitions and protection of Palestinian children rights.

• Support children by all means possible, provide international presence at the schools at risk of demolition.

• Address the root causes of the issue and affirm the Palestinian rights to self-determination, right to education, right to health etc.