Israeli Authorities Demolished 3 Schools on Their First school Day

  • Date: 2017-08-24

In line with its escalation of house demolitions policies in area (C), Israeli authorities demolished 3 houses in different areas of the west bank on the night of the beginning of this school year on the 22nd of August 2017.

One of these schools is located in Jib Al Thib area in the South of Bethlehem and was demolished without receiving a prior demolition order, and despite of the fact that St. Yves has applied for a permit request for the building and had not received until the time of the demolition a rejection of this request.


Moreover, 60 children from Jib Al Thib Area and Za’tara Area started their school year in inadequate conditions, their basic right to education severely violated. The Israeli Civil administration dismantled the caravans that were used as classrooms for children from the 1st to the 4th grade, and confiscated them. Israeli authorities assaulted the local community and attacked them with tear gas canisters when they tried to prevent them from dismantling the classrooms.

According to statistics there are currently 50 demolition orders of schools in Area (C), which is considered part and parcel of the continuous Israeli attacks on Palestinians in areas (C), aiming at forcibly transferring them from these areas and annexing them.

Immediately, the school’s students and administration responded to Israel’s demolition and dismantling of classrooms by erecting tents serving as classrooms to start the school year, despite the dire weather conditions, expressing their determined will to exercise their right to and to remain on their lands.