Position on the “Israeli government Annexation Policy” 

  • Date: 2021-01-14

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Position on the “Israeli government Annexation Policy”   




In 1967, during the Six Day War, Israel’s military occupied the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza strip. This was the area beyond the so-cold “Green Line” which had been delineated by the 1949 armistice agreements between Israel and its neighbors.The military exercises control and management over the population, land and natural resources within the occupied Palestinian territories.   

In April 2020, the Israeli coalition government signed an agreement containing an article allowing the annexation of the 30% of the West Bank territories.


The implications to IHL observed, binational or/and international agreements recognized globally vary. Based on our years of continues support and observations on the legal aid level provided to the affected community that came under the Israeli military control in 1967. 


It is alarming to the level of basic human rights that are threatened if such policy gets applied and could hinder the Human Security levels and prospects of justice and peace in the occupied territories.


Main areas of concern:


Threat to the right to shelter / House demolitions in communities currently unrecognized by the Israeli military occupation – tens of thousands of Palestinian families right to shelter would become more threatened hence ongoing policies do not recognize many existing communities which is already a challenging policy. 


Threat to Freedom of movement – The annexation of large parts of the West Bank to the State of Israel and the application of Israeli sovereignty in these areas would dictate security direct control and other considerations expected to significantly hinder and limit Palestinians’ freedom of movement in the West Bank as we have observed.


Threat to property rights – There is significant concern that annexation measures could include mass seizing of privately owned Palestinian land. Palestinians lands that may not officially be seized, could, in practice be lose due to inability to practice managing their lands and make a living from them due to access restrictions. Such policy if applied will move much more land control from the hand of the community that came under the military occupation in 1967


Threat Prospects of peace and justice - Such move has huge threat to the peace efforts that are called for. Would consist a huge threat to the peruse of justice.  The security situation hence such move would consist of unilateral; could frustrate the Palestinian community and deplete hope for peace and justice.