St. Yves Accompanies Embrace Middle East on a Field Visit to the West Bank

  • Date: 2017-03-22

The Society of St. Yves – Catholic Center for Human Rights accompanied Embrace Middle East on a field visit to Joreit Al Kheil Wadi Seir area in the South of the West Bank. St. Yves’ advocacy department highlighted the policies that Israeli authorities practice on Palestinians in Area (C) aiming at forcibly transferring them from their land.

The inhabitants of the area built their houses on their privately owned land. Despite the fact that they went through all the legal procedures to prevent their homes from being demolished; a few months ago Israeli forces demolished 7 homes in the area making women, children and elderly persons homeless for months living in tents until they received caravans to shelter them. Israeli forces then issued demolition orders of those caravans which will again jeopardize the stability of this entire community. The families said this will put them in very difficult living conditions, in particular since Israeli authorities prevent them from obtaining their basic needs including water and electricity.

The representative of Embrace Middle East assured the organisation will contribute in transmitting the conditions of this community and of Palestinians in Area C on the international level in order to support their cause and to be an active actor in advocating for their basic human rights.