St. Yves Petitions Against Administrative Security Ban

  • Date: 2018-10-01

Israel imposes arbitrary closure and ban policies on  Palestinians in the oPt that effectively make freedom movement the exception rather than the norm. Arbitrary profiling constitutes a policy of infringement on the freedom of movement of Palestinians. There are several sorts of travel bans enforced on Palestinian through the security intelligence as well as the police. Such bans include the “Agam” administrative ban, which was  introduced in 2017 against entire families of Palestinians accused of being a "security" threat, with very vast and fluctuating definitions of what composes a "security" threat. 

On Wednesday September 26th, The Israeli Public Prosecutor's Office informed in writing that they will revoke the administrative ban called “Agam” , against those who aren’t first degree relatives of Palestinians accused of being a "security" threat .


This verdict came after the petition filed by the St. Yves Catholic Center for Human Rights petitioned against this type of Ban. The organization considers this policy to be contrary to all human rights standards and principles as constituting a policy of clear and explicit collective punishment against the Palestinians.