St. Yves Registers a Jerusalemite Child Through the Rights of People with Disabilities Procedures

  • Date: 2016-01-18

The Society of St. Yves – Catholic Center for Human Rights succeeded in registering a Jerusalemite child by activating the procedures pertaining to people with disabilities.Mr. A.D, a Palestinian Jerusalemite and the father of the child contacted St. Yves to seek legal help and assistance in registering his child at the Israeli Ministry of Interior. A.D is physically disabled, and his wife holds a Palestinian ID, which previously caused him to go through rigorous procedures with the Israeli authorities to obtain family unification permit for her. 

As it initiated the child registration procedures at the Israeli Ministry of Interior, St. Yves put the rights of people with disabilities forward and proceeded with the case using the relevant disability procedures. . In one month’s notice, St. Yves was able to obtain its request for the immediate registration of the child, while similar cases generally take months and even years to be approved.

A.D had previously faced tremendous difficulties registering his other children in the Israeli Ministry of Interior due to the complicated bureaucratic procedures imposed on Jerusalemite Palestinians; which negatively affected his physical and financial situation.

St. Yves stresses that Israeli official institutions are under the legal obligation to respect the rights of people with disabilities by prioritizing and facilitating their procedures, including: setting immediate appointments, exempting them from waiting and standing in line in any governmental institutions and giving immediate responses to their applications. St. Yves invites all disabled Jerusalemites to take advantage from such regulations.