St. Yves Visits Its Founder Patriarch Emeritus Michel Sabbah

  • Date: 2016-02-04

The Society of St. Yves – Catholic Center for Human Rights, represented by its management and staff, visited on Wednesday Patriarch Emeritus Michel Sabbah, who founded St. Yves in 1991.

During the visit, His Beatitude lectured St. Yves’ staff on the values upon which St. Yves was founded. He explained that in the aftermath of the first intifada, Palestinians have fallen under injustice, and regardless of the politics, it was after all a human being oppressed. This oppressed human being in need is the founding objective of St. Yves.

His Beatitude further emphasized that since the Palestinians are often accused of being terrorists, the foundation of St. Yves, as a Palestinian Catholic human rights center, came to prove the opposite: that we fight back oppression and violence with weapons of justice, logic and law instead of violence and hatred. His Beatitude also reflected on the values of equality in humanity at St. Yves, as all human beings are equal and entitled to aid without any discrimination based on religion, ethnicity or gender.

His Beatitude reminded St. Yves staff that our mission is a message of humanity and a responsibility, as human beings first and foremost. He insisted that St. Yves is responsible for any human being suffering injustice, and that as long as we serve our message lives, “Him who works for God and the human fears no human”, he concluded.

St. Yves thanked His Beatitude for the inspiring lecture, enlightening vision and his continuous support for St. Yves throughout the years.