Temporary Freeze of New Military Order Escalating Demolitions in Areas C

  • Date: 2018-06-21

The Society of St. Yves- Catholic Center for Human Rights, the Jerusalem Legal Aid Center, the Comission Against the Wall and Settlements and Haqel succeeded in obtaining a temporary freeze on the new Israeli military order 1797, which expands the authorities of the Israeli Civil Administration (ICA) in issuing and carrying out demolition orders in areas C of the West Bank, while reducing effective representation and defense.


In response to St. Yves and JLAC’s petition against the new military order, which demanded the court to issue an injunction order until a final decision is delivered, the Israeli Persecution notified the Supreme Court that the order will be temporarily frozen until the Court gives its decision on the petition.   


the military order, which would have entered into effect on June 19th, expands the arbitrary powers of the ICA to remove or demolish new structures built without permits in Area C. Area C constitutes more than 60% of the West Bank territory and falls under the complete Israeli military and administrative jurisdiction. Since the signing of the Oslo Accords, the ICA has rejected the vast majority of Palestinian applications for building permits in Area C, placing the Palestinian population under the constant threat of forced displacement.


The new military order will heighten the risk even further, authorizing the civil administration's inspectors and officers to carry out demolitions a mere 96 hours after the issuance of the demolition order. The military order virtually strips the affected residents of the right to due process and the capacity to challenge the demolition orders through legal avenues, by requiring that objections to the demolition order be accompanied with a valid building permit. Such a permit is unattainable for Palestinians due to Israel’s discriminatory planning and zoning policies.


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