Under the patronage of his Beatitude Fouad Twal St. Yves celebrates its 25th anniversary

  • Date: 2016-05-20

The Society of St. Yves – Catholic Center for Human Rights celebrate its 25th Anniversary on the occasion of St. Yves day by a holy mass with the presence of his beatitude former Patriarch Emeritus Michel Sabah and under the patronage of his beatitude Fouad Twal. The celebration was attended by a number of diplomats, partners and organizations as well as Board and staff members that have worked at St. Yves along the years.

The mass was followed by a reception where Adv. Raffoul Rofa, general director of St. Yves talked about the history of St. Yves and its most important cases assuring the continuity of St. Yves efforts’ to deliver its humanitarian vision, outlining the difficult conditions in which St. Yves is working. He also thanked all donors and partners that have contributed to the creation and sustainability of St. Yves.

His beatitude and former of St. Yves, Patriarch Emeritus Michel Sabah, talked about the reasons and conditions in which the Society of St. Yves was established as a society defending the rights of the oppressed and the marginalized in the Holy Land, he highlited that the true appreciation of St. Yves comes by continuously providing its services to the people and to draw smiles on their faces.

His beatitude Fouad Twal emphasized on the importance of the existence of an organization such as St. Yves guarding the rights of the oppressed in the Holy Land, he expressed his appreciation of St. Yves staff members’ efforts and commitment to the society’s motto “I am my brother’s keeper”; thanking the efforts and dedication of Adv. Raffoul Rofa, director of St. Yves who has been completely devoted to the Society since joining St. Yves. He concluded by ensuring the Latin Patriarchate’s continuous support to St. Yves and its staff.

Adv. Raffoul Rofa ended the reception by honoring his beatitude and former of St. Yves Patriarch Emeritus Michel Sabah as a token of appreciation to his generosity since the first steps of St. Yves and to always being present beside the Society and its staff; Adv. Rofa also honored his beatitude Fouad Twal as an appreciation to continuing this path beside St. Yves enabling the Society to provide its humanitarian services to the people.