War Crimes Also Taking Place in the West Bank-Wadi Siq Herding Community Forcibly Transferred

  • Date: 2023-10-11

War Crimes Also Taking Place in the West Bank-Wadi Siq Herding Community Forcibly Transferred due to Israeli Settlers Attacks October 11, 2023 It is hard to describe the catastrophe happening across the occupied Palestinian territory especially in the Gaza Strip. Parents yelling to find their children and loved ones. Civil servants digging with both injured and dead bodies out of the rubble of destroyed structures. Health workers, Journalists targeted and bombed. The total death toll of Palestinians is at least 950 Palestinians, and over 5,000 injured now. In the West Bank, it is not business as usual, the empowered Israeli settlers by the Israel's far right government, now more than ever is increasing reprisal attacks against vulnerable Palestinian communities in across the West Bank especially "Area C". Six Palestinian communities in Israeli-military-controlled Area C of the occupied West Bank have been forcibly displaced in the last two years were expelled just this past summer-Ras a-Tin, Ein Samia, al-Baq'ah, al Qabun, Khirbet Simri, and Widady a-Tahta. According to OCHA: "Israeli settler violence has displaced over 1,100 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank since 2022, emptying entire communities." Today, October 11th, 2023, the herding community of Wadi Siq left their homes due to increased systematic settlers attacks they can no longer endure. Since last Saturday, setter violence has intensified against Palestinian villages and herding communities. Wadi Siq community believes that a plotted attack against them by settlers is imminent, especially with current circumstances and heightened tensions. The whole community has been negatively affected: physical attacks against them, their cars damaged, their hurds attacked. Settlers even damaged their water tanks leaving them no choice but to leave! No action by the international community allowed this to happen, it will also most likely go unnoticed by the international media. This is very serious and warrants everyone's attention. The community consists of 33 House Holds-about 200 Palestinians including women and children. Collective punishment remains a foundational element of Israel's discriminatory regime, to create a climate of fear and intimidation for Palestinian under the guise of security rhetoric. The international community must not wait under the Israeli occupying army loads people on trucks and kick people out of their land and homes. Palestinians for past 70 years are living in a coercive environment dealing with collective punishment, living in fear and risk of forcible transfer-a grave breach of the fourth Genva Convention.