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To share our expertise, to exchange our experiences and to combine our forces we work together with other organizations in different coalitions:


1. The Legal Task Force

St. Yves co-chairs the Legal Task Force (LTF); a sub-group of the United Nations Protection Cluster Working Group. The LTF meets on a monthly basis to discuss updates on legal issues and trends in the Occupied Territories. St. Yves co-chairs the monthly meetings along with the Norwegian Refugee Council.


2. The Coordinating Catholic Aid Organizations in the Holy Land

St. Yves is a member of the Coordinating Catholic Aid Organizations in the Holy Land (CCAO) which was established in 2000 in accordance with the Pastoral Plan of the Diocesan Synod of the catholic Churches in the Holy Land. The CCAO, which meets on a monthly basis, works on enhancing support, communication and coordination between the members.

This consultative coalition of Catholic aid organizations of the Holy Land and is made up of:

Apostolic Delegation, Secretariat of Solidarity (SecSol)
Bethlehem University (BU) Caritas Baby Hospital - Kinderhilfe Bethlehem (KHB)
Caritas Jerusalem (CJ)
Catholic Relief Service (CRS)
Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land. (Custos)
Deutscher Verein vom Heiligen Lande (DVHL)
Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation (HCEF)
Latin Patriarchate, General Administration (LP)
Pontifical Mission for Palestine (PMP)
Saint Vincent de Paul (SVP)
Secours Catholique (SC)
Society of St. Yves (SoSY)


3- Justice and Peace Commission 

Founded on April 20, 1971, the Commission for Justice and Peace functions under the auspices of the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land as a Catholic resource, liaison, and animation center to further the social mission of the Church, as is presided by H.B Patriach Emiritus Michel Sabbah, founder of St. Yves. 


4- Displacement Work Group

The DWG is an initiative of Badil and OCHA and is a loose association of the following organisations that monitor human rights violations (evictions, home demolitions, land confiscations) resulting in the displacement of people from their lands and communities:

Addameer, Action Against Hunger Spain, Al Haq, Al Mezan, AIC, ARIJ, Al, Quds Law Clinic, Austcare, Badil, BIMKOM, Btselem, CARE Intnl., CPT, CISP, Civic Coalition re Jerusalem, COOPI, DCI – Palestine section, Diakonia, EAPPI, Ensan Centre, German Dev. Centre, ICS, ICTJ, IDMC/NRC, IWPS, Ir Amim, ICAHD, Japan Intnl. Volunteer Ctr, Maan Development Ctr, MAP UK, Oxfam UK, Oxfam Solidarite – Belgium, PA Govt. Spokesperson, PCBS, PCHR, RHR, ICRC, Relief Intnl., Society of St. Yves, Save the Children UK, Shatil, UNFPA, Stop the Wall, ACRI, UNFPA, UNDP, UNODC, UNICEF, UNIFEM, UNOCHA, UNRWA, UN OHCHR, UNSCO, UN WHO, WCLAC, WCLAC, World Vision, Yesh Din, ActiveStills, PICCR.


5- Jerusalem Coalition

The Civic Coalition for Defending the Palestinians' Rights in Jerusalem (CCDPRJ) is a nongovernmental nonprofit coalition of institutions, societies, associations and individuals with experience and mandate of working in the different fields of human rights. CCDPRJ was established in 2005 and currently has a membership of 18 institutions.


6- Jerusalem House Demolition Learning Alliance

St. Yves has entered into a new programme with the Jerusalem Legal Aid Centre (JLAC) in order to jointly prosecute home demolitions in Jerusalem. What has now begun in November 2009 is a tripartite approach whereby St. Yves and JLAC will litigate some 10 cases each under the tutelage and with the support of other lawyers  with extensive experience in the field, who will take a similar number of cases. The object is to brainstorm on best practices for success and to achieve this goal weekly seminar sessions have been and are being held to discuss new cases and select the most likely to yield new and innovative legal arguments which hopefully will set new precedents and break the Jerusalem Municipality’s stranglehold on the Municipal Court.


7- Land Committee

The Land Committee is a committee which has offices in Ramallah, Nablus, Bethlehem and Hebron. It receives complaints from farmers mainly about demolitions of homes and agricultural infrastructure as well as about land confiscations. The committee then asks as well as other partner lawyers in the Southern West Bank to take the cases for litigation.


8- The Coalition for Jerusalem

The Coalition for Jerusalem is a league of religious dignitaries, political factions, civil society organizations, and individuals based in occupied East Jerusalem. It is a non violent, direct action group formed in 2004 to oppose Israeli Government arbitrary measures to alter the Status of East Jerusalem in violation of International Legitimacy and Human Rights Conventions, and to reaffirm that East Jerusalem is the capital of the future Palestinian state.